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Selected Short Subjects [Leonard Maltin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What do The Little Rascals, The Three Stooges, and Laurel. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Leonard Maltin is one of the world's most respected film SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS by Leonard Maltin What do The .

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Of these, the second is the more important.

source link One reason shorts are so bad is that they are so poorly paid. Even the great newsreel companies work on a paltry budget and sell their product for a few hundred dollars when in proportion to time taken on the screen they should have five or ten times as much.

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When you consider that this was without exception the most talked of film for months, that it ran week after week in the vast palaces of the movies and recurred dozens of times at smaller houses, this return is a revelation of the meagreness of short-reel profit. The truth is, of course, that the exhibitors have to pay so much for the features, that they have little left for the shorts.

Wherefore they advertise the feature and the public comes to see the feature, and the habit is so ingrained that even when the public hates the features and likes the short, the same thing happens all over again the next time.

List of live-action short subject series by Hollywood studios

Twenty years ago three producers met and made a sort of loose combine: Griffith, Ince and Mack Sennett made up Triangle Films. They provided the best programs of thenday in this proportion: a feature by one of the first two or by the companies they represented was accompanied by a Keystone Comedy made by Sennett. This provided that Sennett made twice as many pictures as either of the others, but his were short and theirs were long.

It seemed a perfect arrangement with one point of special remark : the Griffith and Ince pictures varied from fair to excellent and the Sennett shorts were almost invariably perfect. I am the last man in the world to suggest that the independent makers of shorts should be absorbed by the big companies. But some arrangement should be made, by which the short would earn a respectable living and be known not by an exceptional fine reel among dozens of deadly bores, but as the real richness and variety of the movie programs.

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