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Empresa Individual de Responsabilidade Limitada. Buenos Aires: Del Puerto , p. Cuentos de la periferia Cuentos barbara Fiore libro. Retos y perspectivas. Incluye sello. Honduras, desaparecidos, juicio y condena. Irazuzta, Ignacio: Argentina.

For another method of address in stories dealing with the past, see second note to 3, 5. Entran a. Many verbs of motion which, like entrar, re- quire the preposition en in Castilian Spanish, often take a in the Spanish of America. See second note to i, 5. It was of course Tloltzin. This is the construction explained in the second note to 15, 10, vio being a verb of perception.

The reason for the a before la virgen is that the noun denotes a person, and, therefore, since it is the object of vio as well as the subject of llegar , it requires the " personal a. In English we should here use the singular, love. When to do so can be determined only from the context. See note to 5, Una paloma blanca. The dove was of course the soul of Atototzin. Rumbo a : direction to; i.

It is the wife of Maxtla who is speaking. Adjectives are often used for adverbs in Spanish.

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The subject is d grande y soberbio Tonatiuh. Pronounce as if written IstacdhuatL See note to I, 3. See first note to 10, 9. A subject foUowed by modifying words or phrases is in Spanish very often separated from the predicate by a comma.

Pronounce as if written Tescoco, See note to I, 3. Clavad los largos remos : drive the long oars into the water.

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For negative commands the subjunctive is always used. Pronounce as if written Istliljochitl. The author here goes back to a time previous to the scene described at the beginning of this legend, and commences to tell how it came about that Mixhuitecatl rescued Nezahualcoyotl. A ella la amaba Maxtla: Maxtla loved her. This is done sometimes for the sake of emphasis, sometimes for the sake of cleamess, and sometimes as here merely because the sound of the sentence as a whole seems to require it.

See note to 16, The juice of the flowers was the blood of the sacrificed maidens. See second note to 9, For a, see second note to i, 5. See second note to 15, The Spanish future and conditional are often used to ex- press probability or conjecture. Quedar is often used as a substitute for estar, This is because Spanish words or phrases which require like the corresponding English words or phrases a preposition before a noun, usually retain it unlike English before a clause beginning with que, Mira is a second singular impera tive.

It is evident that she had given them some sleep-producing drink see page 21, hne 18 and page 26, Une 2. Abatido el Imperio: humbled the Empire; i. That is, the grandeiir of Atzca- potzalco, the capital of Maxtla, the Tepanec king, from whom Nezahualcoyotl had escaped. See second note to 19, See notes to i, 3 and 3, Por eso: because of that; that is, because the purple eagle had perched on a green cactus against a white background.

The writer means that they were friendly rivals in magnificence. That is, the Empire of Nezahualcoyotl, whose capital was Texcoco. These two adjectives modify muchedumbres. Pronounce as if written Tescotzingo. See note to That is, the outermost ring of dancers had to dance around the whole circle during the same time which it took the innermost ring to do so. Pronounce as if written teponastles. See note to 25, Con gran algazara.

This sentence would be plainer if it read Con gran algazara eran aclamadas por, etc. Nowadays the word is often written with 7. The girl's lover is speaking. And see note to 3, Pronounce as if written tlascalteca. That is, slowly, and with- out unexpected and dangerous movements. Como que: for, The past definite is here used, as often, with the sense of a perfect. The same is true of the other past definites in this paragraph. For al see second note to i, 5. See note to 23, This is the same grammatical principie as that explained in the note to 2, 4. For this use of the dash, see first note to 3, 5.

See note to 38, 8. Que te conserven : may they i. See note to 4,. See first note to 11, See note to 5, 3, and look up majestuosa in the Vocabulary. En ella: on it.

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The priest's change of tone is of course due to the fact that he now for the first time realxzes that the youth's sweetheart is not the maiden who has died, but the maiden whom the King has chosen for his wife see page 41, Une Si is very often used, as here, merely to emphasize a state- ment. In such sentences it is not to be translated. See note to 21, Visiones, sombras, and cabezas are the subjects of poblaban in Une 6.

See first note to 38, 3. Luego is here an adverb. See second note to 3, 3. A Spanish infinitive dependent on a preposition often has a subject. In such a case it is best in translating to change the construction, and use a finite form of the verb. Spanish of ten uses a dative of interest and the definite article where we use a possessive adjective. The framework of this long sentence is as follows: Ahora ved a Chersjalm, conduciendo el trono: now behold Chersjalm, carrying the throne.

The real story begins here. The story- teller is now going to relate the events which brought about the transformation of the fierce giant into a docile slave. See note to 53, See preceding note. For seria, see note to 23, 6. The grammatical principie is the same as that explained in the note to 2, 4, although here in 56, 7 the verb hacer is not used. See note to 4, Se is a dative of interest, meaning Hterally for himself. See first note to 4, 4.

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The King is here addressing the anciano esclavo chontal see page 57, Une The customary " personal a " see second note to I, s is omitted before la reina, as is the rule when a direct object which would naturally take the " personal a " is accompanied by an rndirect object with a. See note to 23, 6. See note to 23, 7.

Por eso : for that; i. There is no " personal a " before mi hija see second note to i, 5 , because " personal a " is usually omitted when the verb also has an indirect object with a. For d see note to 5, It is a " misterioso vagabundo " see page 65, Une 13 who is speaking.

Hace mucho tiempo que: it makes much time that; i. Some such word as deseo is to be under- stood before ver. It is evi- dent that the pronoun object is superfluous and not to be trans- lated. It merely repeats the noun object. This construction is very common in Spanish. Personal pronouns beginning with I are changed to se before any other personal pronoun beginning with I, se assuming the meaning of the pronoun for which it is substituted. It is also evident that el monstruo verde is el maguey. Refrescado ya: refreshed now; i. See second note to 20, 3.

firsnsonabspeedam.tk The context wiU show when this is so. See note to 21, 6. See first note to 65, 4.

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See note to 56, 9. For a, see second note to I, 5. The more usual order would be either se iba a hacer cargo de or iba a hacerse cargo de, for when a personal pronoun is used with an in- finitive or a present participle depending on another verb, the pronoun may either foUow the infinitive or precede the other verb. For the order of the sentence in the text, see note to 3, That is, she snatched his dagger from him in order to defend her honor. For le in arrancarle y see note to 23, For the use of the adjective, see note to 5, Y ella misma ver.

Before ver supply tener que from the preceding line.